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iClass is a leading website and mobile app solution for schools. We
           will deliver a Best in Class website for your school along with a fully
           integrated mobile app for parents.

           But don’t just take our word for it. Here is some feedback from a large UK

           primary school, Hollybush Primary and Nursery School Derry.

                          ‘As a Principal I found the team at iClass very professional in their approach
                          and in the delivery of the Platform. We had specific requirements for the
                          Platform and they listened carefully and delivered on all the requirements.

                          There is a strong emphasis in the school on an Eco agenda and we have
                          been able to develop this ideal further by becoming paperless due to the

                          Communication with parents, staff, Governors etc has been greatly
                          enhanced with the immediacy of the communication to all stakeholders.

                          The professional image of our school has been greatly enhanced by the high
                          quality of the Platform.

                          The Platform has also proved to be financially beneficial as the
                          communication package comes as part of the system therefore we have no
                          longer need for payment to texting companies.

                                                          In conclusion I have to state that the decision
                                                          to move to iClass for our school website and
                                                          mobile app has been extremely worthwhile in
                                                          many ways as has been verbalised by parents,
                                                          staff Governors and other stakeholders.
                                                          Without hesitation I would recommend iClass to
                                                          any school or organisation.’

                                                          Carmel Dunn
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